The aim of Wander­kollektiv is to enjoy outdoor activities, discover nature in all of its fascinating beauty and capture these moments in photos. The three all-round outdoor-enthu­siastic adven­turers Chris, Isa and Stephan want to share their exper­iences and tours with their readers and motivate them to lace up their own hiking boots and discover the world. It makes no difference whether they want to set off for the sea, head to the mountains or simply go for a walk outside their own front door.

Would you describe yourself as a tradi­tional blog?

“Yes and no! Tradi­tional blog topics are part of Wander­kollektiv (“Hiking Collective”), yet we also want to awaken emotions and feelings with our photos. Wander­kollektiv was created from the joy of nature, mutual exper­iences and the passion for photo­graphy. On the coast, in the forests, or on the mountain – adventure and exper­iences are available for everyone, no matter where he or she stops and looks! We would like to motivate people to head out the door and discover new areas.

Our motto is: #SeiE­in­Ent­decker (“BeADis­coverer”)”

What to you makes your work with LOWA special?

“The part­nership with LOWA is full of variety, and friendly and fair. Like with outdoor sports, being able to rely on a partner is the key to success. We have found this kind of partner 100 percent with LOWA. In addition to outstanding products, we are impressed with the mutual support. LOWA, as one of the leading manu­fac­turers in the mountain and outdoor footwear segment, enables us again and again to put into action our own ideas and projects. Since Wander­kollektiv started, we have stood by LOWA’s side, and we are proud to be a partner of this large brand steeped in tradition and heritage.”

What for you transforms a day outdoors into a true experience?

“We could say, the perfect sunrise with fingers of fog, glowing mountain tops, and fresh-brewed coffee. But it is so much more than that to be a real experience. It is the small moments that show us the power and diversity of nature. No matter if it’s –20 degrees Celsius in the middle of a snowstorm at night or in small rock crevices far away from civil­isation. Important for us is to live every moment intensely and that gives us strength for the day to day.”

Lieblingstour Wanderkollektiv Häntzschelstiege

My tour: Häntzschel stairs The most beautiful via ferrata in Saxon Switzerland

Half day tour
Start of the tour:
End of the tour:
04:00 hours
9 km
hiking clothes, sturdy shoes, climbing equipment

Our little half-day tour that covers roughly nine kilo­metres offers both diverse trails and plenty for the eye to see. The start of the tour leads through the small – and only – via ferrata in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the Häntz­schel­stiege. It then climbs upward on narrow paths, passing by craggy rock form­ations and climbing areas before winding through enchanted mixed forests. Pure variety! If you do not want to give the via ferrata a try, you can always hike around it. You can take a short break at a vast number of places along the way. In order to ensure that you can really enjoy them, an early start is recom­mended.