Maximum comfort combined with minimum weight are essential when it comes to ultra-long distances, because the running shoes take over, at the very latest, when legs start to tire and feet begin to hurt. So too the FORTUX, equipped with the special LOWA® TRAC® sole system consisting of an outsole made of grippy rubber and a partic­ularly pronounced DYNEVA midsole offering a high rebound effect over the entire length of the shoe. The slightly curved rocker construction helps to ensure the best possible comfort when running dynamic laps. The one-piece upper elim­inates unne­cessary seams and thus the risk of friction points. Combined with the REPTEX® SPORT PU coating, this also makes the shoes more durable. A light-weight, seam­lessly engineered tongue provides a unique combination of comfort and breath­ability. Padded all round for maximum comfort.

Weight: 630 g/Pair (UK 8)
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Use your FORTUX for

  • ATR by LOWA

    Now it’s time to run.

    Our new collection ALL TERRAIN RUNNING by LOWA represents another milestone in product devel­opment and the next logical step for the company. Our new trail-running segment incor­porates our decades of experience in the design of grippy outsoles, perfect rolling prop­erties and the best form of comfort into a new usage area. The motto is: “Speed is key.”


    “We are taking the next step and are adding the component of speed to complement the line’s sportiness. Now it’s time to run!”

    Alexander Nicolai | LOWA CEO

    • Lightness
      Weight is a critical factor for athletes on the go. This is why LOWA’s trail­running shoes are really light.

    • Speed
      “Speed is key.” With this thought in mind, LOWA developed an innovative trail-running collection.


LOWA® TRAC® ULTRA The sticky rubber sole.

The bi-direc­tional lugs provide both targeted accel­eration (forefoot) and grippy braking (heel). The construction provides the necessary stability for long-distance runs.


LOWA x GORE-TEX – Nature Clean-Up

Nature provides us with all sorts of unique oppor­tunities to experience unfor­gettable adventures and enjoy very special moments. More and more people are making a conscious decision to get back in tune with nature. But the decision by more and more people to get back in tune with nature also results in a greater and greater impact on the envir­onment. You hear words like “awareness” and “mind­fulness” a lot in discussions about this trend – but what exactly do people mean when they use them? An example: The practise of taking your trash home with you after a tour now comes second nature to many people. Such steps, no matter how tiny they may seem, can be the key to a mindful and sustainable outdoor lifestyle. But if you look around outdoors, you will certainly see many places that certainly have room for improvement.

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Corporate Respons­ibility Tradition and innovation since 1923

No matter whether you simply enjoy nature and spend your leisure hours outdoors, or cross fields, forests, and mountains: LOWA is at your side – from outdoor adventures through to more chal­lenging exped­itions, always reliable and aware of our respons­ib­ilities.

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TEXTILE LINING The lightness of summer

The textile lining in the FORTUX is pleasantly light­weight. The textile material is durable, easy to care for and comfortable.

  • Light and robust
    Shoes lined with textile material impress users with their light weight. The material is also very robust and easy to care for.

  • Optimal comfort in summer
    Shoes with a textile lining are very popular during the summer because they offer the best comfort. Their wide-meshed feature facil­itates good air circu­lation.

Running-Szene in Bardenas Reales, Navarra, Spanien.

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The bi-direc­tional lugs provide both targeted accel­eration and grippy braking. More …

The LOWA® TRAC® sole system and the sticky rubber compound provides guar­anteed traction, in wet or dry conditions.



The acronym “EVA” stands for “ethylene-vinyl acetate”. It corresponds to an elast­omeric polymer that is used to make plastic materials. The EVA material creates soft and flexible qualities. It is primarily used in the production of shoe and shoe midsoles to provide step cush­ioning. Various degrees of rigidity can be achieved on the basis of the thickness employed.


Approx. 10%

Our natural and synthetic fabrics facilitate optimal warming and moisture management with the help of their usage-specific char­ac­ter­istics. Thanks to their structural design, they are smooth and make our products extremely comfortable.

Approx. 90%
Poly­urethane (PU)

Poly­urethane (PU) is a soft plastic that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties and is usually used in the midsole as a result. Through the use of PU, the soles become light­weight and func­tionally flexible.

Approx. 10%

Mesh is a material that consists of many evenly spaced holes. It is usually made of polyester or nylon and basically a lattice-like material that is created by interwoven threads. Thanks to its special design, the man-made fibre is partic­ularly permeable to air, has special moisture-regu­lating qualities and is easy to care for, breathable and crease-resistant.

Upper material


Our synthetic fabrics made of such plastics as nylon, polyester, polypro­pylene and elastane (Lycra) are primarily used as design elements and protection for the upper due to their abrasion resistance and tear strength.

Lining material


A textile lining is pleasantly light­weight. More …


The triple density midsole features a cush­ioning DYNEVA interior that runs the length of the shoe. More …

Our light­weight carbon rein­forced midsole under the forefoot, gives runners energy return at every step. More …

The upper material tech­nology gives increased protection from scree and sharp rocks on every trail. More …

Support is delivered through our unique asym­met­rically shaped upper edge which precisely reflects the ankle’s anatomy. More …

Anatom­ically shaped, molded heel counter guar­antees stabilizing function throughout the entire run in all directions. More …

Footwear stiffness

The footwear is flexible and supports natural rolling prop­erties as a result.


630 g/Pair (UK 8)

PPE Regu­lation

Please note that if it is intended to use the purchased products as personal protective equipment in accordance with Art. 3 No. 1 of Regu­lation (EU) 2016/425 (PPE Regu­lation), the user is responsible for checking the products for the presence of a corres­ponding certi­fication (see technical data of the product). If the product lacks a certi­fication required for use as personal protective equipment as defined by the PPE Regu­lation, the product may not be used as personal protective equipment or only for non-profes­sional purposes.

Service & accessories

Available repairs

Heel lining repair

The heel lining is one of the parts of a shoe that are subject to the most stress. Even with quality materials, chafing and signs of wear can of course still occur. The heel lining for leather and GORE-TEX footwear can be repaired without any difficulty at our service workshop. More …

Replacement parts

Whether it’s new insoles, a speed-lace system, new laces or other replacement parts. Let us know what you need for your favourite LOWA footwear and we’ll send it to you. More …