Be your own RENEGADE

The RENEGADE was a true rebel with a cause in 1997. It was non-conformist and unique. It shook the market to its core in the years after it appeared on the scene. But just what does that name mean anyway? What is a RENEGADE actually?

LOWA views a RENEGADE as someone who creates something new, will occa­sionally do a crazy thing or two, starts new traditions and shakes up its circle of friends every now and then. A RENEGADE is curious, innovative and inventive. He or she is simply bursting with ideas and dares to do something new.

You will find a RENEGADE in each of us, someone who loves being outdoors in nature.

“Be your own RENEGADE” – This is the motto of the major campaign that we are conducting to mark the birth of our anniversary shoe. Can we count on you?

Book a room with a view

Simply enjoy the moment and do something crazy. Why not? You do not have to head off to an exclusive hotel to have a great weekend. All you really need is a little bit of creativity and a sense of daring.

People who spend the night outdoors under the stars will certainly experience something unique. They will be rewarded for their efforts with great views, high-quality air and a world of completely new sounds. But they also have to pay attention to a few things when they go camping.

We have compiled the most important tips for you here:

What are you waiting for?

Why not simply take off right now and don’t think twice about it? The RENEGADE makes it all so simple. Our classic shoe has already joined thousands of people on their long and short tours.

But that’s hardly surprising: The shoe simply has everything you need for your next hike. It is multi­func­tional and can provide the highest level of comfort during easy one-day tours or demanding tours across low-range mountains.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next adventure, just check out our tour section.

Just in case

You can certainly count on one thing: If you take along the RENEGADE, you will certainly be prepared in the best-possible way for your next hiking tour or holiday.

We all know that good shoes are a must for tours in the great outdoors.

We also know that our shoes should be designed for the purpose we have in mind and that we have to thor­oughly plan the hike.

Our equipment tips will show you what you need to keep in mind.

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