LOWA Aufforstung

Preserving mountain forests: LOWA plants 550 trees

02.10.2019 | Protecting the envir­onment and conserving resources are one thing. Active support of nature-protecting projects is another

Since 2001, LOWA employees have been part of a refor­estation project run by the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise. This year, for instance, 15 LOWA employees headed to Fisc­hen­bachau, a southern Bavarian town located at the foot of Wendelstein Mountain. After a wind storm swept through the area, the team stepped in and planted 550 beeches, larches, yews and, for the first time, mulberry trees.

The employees ener­get­ically did the job, in spite of all the problems on the ground caused by throngs of blueberry bushes and thorns. Their reward: plenty of sunshine and the gratitude of head forester Rudi Kornder.

The refor­estation project is designed to maintain a healthy mixed forest – one of our most valuable ecosystems. The costs of the seedlings, travel, accom­mod­ations and meals are covered by LOWA.

This refor­estation work is part of the 2 Million Tree Project of the European Outdoor Conser­vation Asso­ciation – a non-profit organ­isation made up of companies in the European outdoor industry whose membership dues flow completely into nature-protection projects around the world. This work is designed to underscore the outdoor industry’s awareness of its respons­ibility to preserve nature.