On the go Discover new areas and plant species

Image photo with the MADDOX GTX LO,

When out and about in nature, you will discover countless plants and animals along the wayside. In keeping with the motto “We can only appreciate what we know, ” it is definitely worthwhile to expand our horizons. Look up the plants you just discovered every now and then, or inform yourself on the numerous info boards by the wayside available on most hiking routes. The better your under­standing of nature and the complex ecological rela­tionships, the more you’ll understand how worthy of our protection it is.

In addition, it is important to protect hiking paths in general. Many routes are very popular and almost too full in peak season. If too many outdoor enthu­siasts are out and about at the same time, it is difficult for nature to recover in these areas. It could thus be worthwhile to try a new route and explore less well-known destin­ations. If possible, visit more popular destin­ations in low season. This way, you can protect nature and spare your nerves.