Tips for pilgrim hiking A special kind of time out

Ulligunde + Fräulein Draußen Hike Tessin 2019

Finding inner peace, taking time out from the stresses of everyday life or discovering amazing places – there are many reasons for under­taking a pilgrim walk. While in centuries gone by, most people went on pilgrimages for religious reasons, today they are motivated by their own personal and indi­vidual reasons. Since most pilgrim walks involve covering distances over several days, precise planning and preparation is very important. That’s why we have compiled some useful tips for your next pilgrimage hike.

Time management How much time can I allocate to my pilgrim hike?

To prepare for a pilgrimage that often lasts several days or even weeks, it’s important to allocate enough time to plan the trip before setting off. These days, people frequently go on pilgrim trails to take time out from the monotony of their daily routine. To make the most of your trip, it’s advisable to think carefully about the amount of time you will need.

Our tip:

Don’t forget to include a buffer. This will give you some flex­ibility to linger longer in wonderful places or spend more time sight­seeing when you happen upon unex­pected treasures.

Image photo with the INNOX GTX MID Ws, Ulligunde + Fräulein Draußen Hike Tessin 2019

Fitness Am I fit enough for the route I am planning?

Pilgrim hikes that take several days cover long distances. And they are strenuous. People under­taking pilgrim trails may not realize just how much physical exertion these trips involve and they often over­es­timate what they are capable of. You need to be realistic about your limits and if in doubt, rather include some easier sections.

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Packing the right items Have I got what I need to walk this trail?

Like for every hike, while you have to limit yourself to the bare neces­sities, be sure to pack what you really need.

Do your homework when it comes to accom­modation. Make reser­vations to ensure that you have somewhere to stay when you reach your destination after a tiring day’s walk. Some places only have a limited number of beds and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

An absolute must: Be sure to use the right footwear!

This point is crucial for your hike and deserves a special mention. If you’re covering long distances on foot, your feet need just the right footwear. Otherwise, instead of being footloose and fancy free, you will be footsore and miserable!

To select a suitable pair of boots, you need to know what type of terrain you’ll be covering and the weather conditions you can expect. Will I need a high upper, or a low-cut boot? With or without GORE-TEX? Does the boot have the right sole profile? There is a lot to consider.

Extra tip:

Wear and break in your boots for some time before setting off on a long pilgrim walk. That way you can make adjustments if necessary. If you use brand new boots for a pilgrim trail, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Remember to pack a hiking map

While routes are generally well sign­posted, it’s always a good idea to have a map as a backup to make sure you stay on track. And it’s essential to stick to the designated paths. This will ensure that you don’t lose your way, which will save you time and energy.

Get a pilgrim credential

Many pilgrim trails offer a pilgrim passport or credential. Find out in advance whether this applies to your route. and if so, apply for one. One benefit is that credential holders get discounts for accom­modation or restaurants. Another is that this iden­tifies you as a pilgrim and this gives you common ground with fellow trav­ellers.

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Be open to all the pilgrim trail has to offer The exper­iences you make will shape you

People mostly have a special reason for going on a pilgrimage. Keep an open mind to make the most of the experience. The odd photo to remind you of a special place or a quick message home goes without saying – but otherwise, use the time as a digital detox. You will have many memorable exper­iences along the way and get to know people from all walks of life – it would be a shame not to consciously savour every moment. The benefits of taking time out from your daily routine are sure to show after a short time.