Ways to stay fit during winter Fully energised for the frigid time of year

Winterwandern mit Kindern

A banquet-style spread of yummy cookies and sparse amounts of daylight – You have plenty of reasons for camping out on your couch during the winter. But you will pay a price: If you happen to take easy path, you will certainly feel a little drained as you take your first hike of the year. We at LOWA understand the hurdles you face and want to provide you with a little moral support that will help you to stay in good shape during the winter.

Winterwanderszene  Rofenhoefe, Oetztaler Alpen, Tirol, Oesterreich.

Listen to your body Get enough sleep and downtime

During the winter, the human body frequently needs more sleep and rest in order to recharge its batteries. Something that we call “winter fatigue” is actually the logical and under­standable result of the lack of sunlight and shorter days we experience during winter. For this reason, you should really listen to your body and grant it these breaks. This is the only way that you can continually remain in good shape and feel this way. But you should also not obsessively ignore the signals sent out by your body. After all, it will get what it needs sooner or later.

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Don’t get rusty Get sufficient exercise during the cold months of the year

You may be a little listless during the winter and have trouble motivating yourself to get some exercise following a long day at work or school. A systematic programme of athletic activities or a regularly scheduled jog – usually, these plans turn into an evening spent on the couch where you watch your favourite series. But you really need to get sufficient amounts of exercise and parti­cipate in athletic activities espe­cially during the winter. A set routine is a great way to stay in the exercise habit during the winter. You should also set realistic goals and have the patience that is required to reach them.

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Wear the right clothing Protect yourself as best you can from colds and the flu

If you go outside when the temperature is around freezing or even play sports, you certainly need to wear the right clothes. You will quickly catch a cold or even come down with the flu if you don’t. The best approach is to avoid wearing too much or too little clothing. Dressing in layers is the solution you need. The principle is pretty basic: You simply add one layer of clothing on top of the other, and this clothing is generally made of different material. You can then flexibly react at any time to changing temper­atures. Should the weather turn out to be a little warmer than expected during your stroll, you can simply remove one layer. If you work up a sweat, your body will be susceptible to viruses, and you could become sick faster.

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Watch your diet Eat good, balanced meals on cold days

Of course, you should eat a healthy, balanced diet year-round. But our immune systems are put to a very special test during the winter. Your diet is a decisive and critical way to ward off an annoying cold or a case of the flu. There are certainly all sorts of perspectives and beha­viours in this regard. The human body needs vitamins and minerals in particular at this time of year. Naturally, you can treat yourself to a goody or two every now and then. But one rule applies to sweets and fast food: Think small!

Our tip:

Cabbage is a great food for cold winter days and the perfect complement to fruit and other vegetables. This plant is available in many varieties and is rich in fibre and vitamins. It will do wonders for your body.

Winterwandern mit Kindern

Vitamin D for your body Fuel up on light and sunshine

During the winter, the sun becomes somewhat of a stranger, turning up for brief visits and then slipping off again. Winter days are generally bleak and dark. This is why you should actively take advantage of the precious few hours of daylight that you have at your disposal. One option you have is to go for a stroll during your lunch break or at the weekend. This burst of daylight and sunshine will do your body a world of good and will have an unmis­takable positive effect after a short time.