Women hikes Boots laced, backpack on – hiking tips for women


Boots laced, backpack on, it’s time to roll: For years and years now, women have headed off to mountains to get away from it all. Hiking has become one of their favourite weekend activities. Recharge the batteries, relish the freedom and tackle the next adventure – these are the things that fuel the fire in the belly of many outdoor-loving women.


Preparation for the activity Your mobile home with straps!

What should I pack? What can I leave at home? The length and demands of the hiking trail will determine the amount and type of gear you will need to take along. A few simple tricks will help you to optimally use every bit of storage space you have.

The funda­mental principle is: The lighter and compacter you pack, the better. The weight of a packed rucksack should not exceed 25 per cent of your body weight.

  • Packing rule
    You should follow the following rule of thumb to ensure that the weight is optimally distributed in your backpack: Heavy gear (camera) should be placed close to your back. Medium-weight items (clothing) should go on top and light articles (sleeping bag) in the bottom zone. Things that you use frequently (cell phone, purse) should be placed on the top in extra pockets on the rucksack.

  • Extra tip
    One trick for your clothes: Roll your T-shirts instead of folding them. This will save space and prevent wrinkles in the process.

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Shoe selection The right boots – it’s all in the details

Are your boots too tight or wide? When it comes to hiking equipment, you simply cannot compare apples and oranges. When you look at the boots that fill retailers’ store shelves, you frequently see questions marks staring back at you. Which model is right for my feet? Are there boots specially designed for women? Are they different from men’s boots? The clear answer – yes! From the beginning, LOWA has produced outdoor footwear for women that is specially designed to accom­modate the anatomy of their feet. From the boots’ height to their lasts and soles, a large number of details are added to create the perfect fit for women.

  • Soft padded edging
    Women’s calves begin lower than men’s do. For this reason, the outdoor footwear that LOWA makes for women is equipped with a specially-padded edging. That is both soft and flexible.

  • Specially padded tongue
    To prevent pressure points, the tongue of women’s shoes includes a layer of viscoelastic padding. Under the influences of the body’s natural temperature, the padding then adapts itself to the anatomic structure of the instep and shin. As a result, the tongue will not shift to the side, and the comfort of the footwear is increased markedly.

  • Women’s lasts
    To create the perfect fit, the lasts used for female footwear have been specially designed with the anatomy of women’s feet in mind. The last plays a key role in the ultimate fit of a shoe. Women’s feet have less volume than men’s feet. As a result, the instep height and the ball area of these lasts have been modified.

  • Mid-sole and insoles espe­cially for women
    When women walk, their joints and ligaments absorb much of the ground reaction forces produced in the process. For this reason, LOWA uses a more flexible mid-sole to provide good cush­ioning. The insole provides a pleasant-to-wear sensation in the shoe. It is made of soft, viscoelastic foam and a supple upper material. The result? A snug home for the foot.


On the go Consciously (dis) connected

The tour is mapped out and the rucksack packed – adventure calls. No matter whether you go it alone or with a girl­friend: Hiking is a time to unwind. The temptation to simply drop off the “radar screen” is too great. Our tip for such times: If you want to take a break from your cell phone and other elec­tronic devices for a while, you should simply turn them off or set them on airplane mode. This will save battery power and lower your stress levels. But your devices will be nearby if you need them.

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On the go Hiking safely – even alone

No matter whether you head off with a girl­friend or by yourself: Safety has to be your highest priority. If you plan to venture out on your own for the very first time, you should probably tackle an easy trail first. So-called premium hiking trails are well-travelled and well-marked. They also have plenty of places where you can make planned and unplanned stops. Are you looking for tranquil, out-of-the-way places? No problem! Just let a girl­friend know where you will be and set a time when you can “check in” and let her know that you have arrived safely at your destination.

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On the go “Wait a second. I need to take a break.”

There is no doubt about it: Men have an easier time than women. No matter whether you go hiking for a day or on a long trekking tour – toilets are few and far between. You should take along wet and disin­fection wipes so that you can practice good hygiene. These wipes are generally available in small, handy packages. But you should handle used wipes very carefully: As a result of the wipes’ thickness and the agents used in them, they are not partic­ularly bio-degradable. Nature is a sensitive ecosystem. For this reason, one rule applies here and everywhere: repack everything and leave nothing behind. Even better: Try to buy only envir­on­mentally friendly, resource-conserving packaging.