LOWA x GORE Nature Clean-Up

With the reusable Clean-Up Bags made from recycled material, you are prepared for all situ­ations. Small, foldable and with a practical Dry-Bag Click closure, they can be stowed almost anywhere. For a walk in the valley, alpine mountain tours or a relaxed stroll in the city park – the Clean-Up Bag fits into any bag and can be used anywhere. What’s special about these bags made from recycled material: they are washable and can therefore be reused as often as you like. On average, 75 per cent of a recyclable plastic bottle is used for a Clean-Up Bag, which returns to the cycle and is used in a new, mean­ingful way as a statement for a waste-free envir­onment.

Use your Clean-Up Bag for

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    Where is your journey leading you?

    Nordic walking was invented in Finland and describes the act of walking rapidly while using two poles that follow the natural rhythm of the walkers’ steps. This type of exercise is perfect for long distances. The sport is frequently practised in groups, which enables walkers to chat with one another during the outing and enjoy nature in the process.


    “Nordic walking is an optimal intro­ductory sport for outdoor enthu­siasts. It puts your whole body to the test. It gives your muscles a great workout and stim­ulates your meta­bolism. It is certainly much more than a stroll with poles. Our sports company also has models for Nordic walkers in our collection. These shoes are perfect for this type of exercise.”

    Michael | LOWA Head of Devel­opment

    • Supports rolling motion
      Walking shoes support the wearer’s feet during the typical rolling motion that occurs when the right technique is used for every step.

    • Comfortable
      Comfortable footwear is essential for long distances covered on foot. This is why LOWA places such a high priority on exact fit, something that is perfectly designed to handle short or long strolls.

    • Lightness
      Weight is a critical factor for athletes on the go. This is why LOWA’s Nordic walking shoes are really light.

Clean-Up Bag

LOWA x GORE-TEX – Nature Clean-Up

Nature provides us with all sorts of unique oppor­tunities to experience unfor­gettable adventures and enjoy very special moments. More and more people are making a conscious decision to get back in tune with nature. But the decision by more and more people to get back in tune with nature also results in a greater and greater impact on the envir­onment. You hear words like “awareness” and “mind­fulness” a lot in discussions about this trend – but what exactly do people mean when they use them? An example: The practise of taking your trash home with you after a tour now comes second nature to many people. Such steps, no matter how tiny they may seem, can be the key to a mindful and sustainable outdoor lifestyle. But if you look around outdoors, you will certainly see many places that certainly have room for improvement.

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Not every hiking boot has what it takes to become a true classic. Unless it’s one of the most popular models from LOWA – the RENEGADE. To turn a good boot into an even better one, LOWA has enhanced the RENEGADE EVO with a few small but signi­ficant details that augment function and appearance. Even better than ever before, the multi­func­tional outdoor shoe considers all facets of achieving a perfect fit, providing sufficient space for toes and creating a stylish appearance – without scrimping on any func­tionality.

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Corporate Respons­ibility Tradition and innovation since 1923

No matter whether you simply enjoy nature and spend your leisure hours outdoors, or cross fields, forests, and mountains: LOWA is at your side – from outdoor adventures through to more chal­lenging exped­itions, always reliable and aware of our respons­ib­ilities.

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